The Mentor Project

June 1, 2016



We all have the opportunity to fill our years with meaning, value, productivity, and fulfillment.  But, it doesn't just happen.  We need to exercise our emotions the same way we need to exercise our bodies.  


I'll show you how!

Did you know that those who "give back" are physically and emotionally healthier?



Giving Back is caring for others without expecting anything in return.  This can be achieved in several ways.

  1. Mentorship

  2. Philanthropy

  3. Volunteering

Fortunately, we don’t need to do all three.  Let's focus on Mentoring.  


Benefits of Mentoring

  • Did you know that mentoring others makes us feel more connected, valued, and fulfilled?  

  • It doesn’t cost a thing

  • You choose who you want to mentor - here are some examples.  

                Junior employee


                A person wishing to learn a skill (e.g., sports, hobby)


                Colleagues who need your skills to advance an idea


You’ll find compelling stories of individuals who mentor others.  The benefits they receive from giving back to others is as great and many times greater than that of the mentee.  The individuals presented come from a variety of backgrounds and their experiences are varied.  If you have a story to tell about how you’ve mentored someone, please share it with us!

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