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Dr. Deborah Heiser is an award-winning researcher and Applied Developmental Psychologist specializing in midlife and aging.  She is a TEDx Speaker, an expert contributor for Psychology Today, and has been featured in Forbes, NYTimes, Psychology Today, on radio, television, and podcasts.  Dr. Heiser is the Founder of The Mentor Project, where she has helped more than 100 world-changing mentors (from top innovators to astronauts and artists) find their legacy projects, with an impact of nearly 100,000 students in 7 countries. From patenting to art and entrepreneurship, mentors and mentees benefit around the world.  Dr. Heiser is an Adjunct Professor of Psychology, coach, and speaker.  She has been recognized as a top global thinker by Thinkers50 Radar and is a member of 100 Coaches.  She has helped transform the lives of individuals through her succession and transition coaching.

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Speaking Topics

For Adult Education

Living on the Right Side of 40!


What can we expect physically and emotionally in midlife and older adulthood?  Dr. Deborah Heiser is a psychologist with a specialty in how we think and feel as we grow older.  She's a pioneer who debunks the myths about getting older and shows how much we have to look forward to.  Did you know you can expect to be happier as you grow older?  Or that fulfillment and productivity are traded for box-checking and superficial connections?  We can expect each decade from 40-100 to be years to look forward to rather than shy away from.  Research shows that our long lives are filled with opportunities rather than challenges.




For Corporations, Businesses, and Health

Lateral Mentoring in a Hierarchical Environment


What would you do with a gift of a lifetime: a mentor for every aspect of your work and personal goals?  Someone, to help open doors, guide you through tough problems, and highlight opportunities for you?  Look left, now look right.  You know the most powerful mentors you can ever have.  World-changing innovation has happened with lateral mentors: friends and colleagues many people didn't work with directly.  They weren't their boss or two levels higher.  They were right next to them.  From the network firewall to comedy, chemistry, and business, lateral mentoring has been the most impactful form of mentorship in creating corporate and personal impact.  Learn how to find mentors in your life!





For Corporations, Businesses, and Community Centers

The Power of Being a Mentor 


We all know the benefit of having a mentor.  But do you know the benefits of being a mentor?  Research shows that those who mentor benefit physically and emotionally throughout their lifespan.  Deborah Heiser debunks the myths of aging, and how and why we are built to give back.  In today's world, with us living well into our 90s, knowing what we can look forward to, and how giving back can help us pass on our values, skills, and knowledge to the next generation.  Mentoring allows us to leave a legacy, and to keep ourselves living on through others.  Examples of mentors who have helped shape the world, from Nobel Laureates to grandmas, provide insight into the power of being a mentor.




For Corporations, Businesses, and Health 

Uncoupling Your Identity from Your Business Card

Is your business card your "identity card"?  Who are you outside of your title?  If you are like many professionals, you've worked to create a professional identity. I show you how to find your personal identity beyond your professional identity.  From passion, fulfillment, and productivity, you can find meaning in life outside of your work identity.  Meaning in life comes from feeling connected to the world, and building a strong personal identity is key.

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