Do you have Passion for Life?

Deborah Heiser, PhD, discussed emotional growth and generativity in later life at the 92nd St. Y.  She provided insights into making life meaningful through mentorship.  


                Psychology Today                   
The Right Side of 40: Do you envision life after 40 as a glass half full or a glass half empty?
Did you know...
  • Harvard's 75 year-long Grant study reveals that to age well, we must have meaningful human connections.

  • Research from Stanford: Laura Carstensen: Older people are actually happier.

  • A Psychological Science (2015) article shows highly generative adults view life in a more positive light than those who are less generative.

Deborah Heiser, PhD holds a degree in Applied Developmental Psychology with a specialty in redefining what being older looks and feels like.  She has a 20 year track record of award winning research, presentations and consulting. 


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Deborah Heiser, PhD


Deborah Heiser talks about Rethinking Aging: Mentoring a New Generation from the TedxTarrytown Stage. 

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